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These photos are a part of a tattoo editorial headshot session for local AMAZINGLY TALENTED tattoo artist Amy van Rompaey. One of my favourite tattoos is an octopus that takes up most of my left upper back.  I never see it, except in mirrors and photos, and the tiniest little peek over my shoulder.  Amy created the beautiful piece simply based on me saying I wanted an octopus in her style.  She showed me one design and I instantly loved it. This girl is so creative!!  I found Amy on Instagram and followed her for a while before I booked her (often the best artists are very in demand!).

Allowing artists creative freedom can be magical!  Amy did the same thing when she asked me to do this tattoo editorial piece for her. We didn’t really talk about any ideas before she came in for her shoot, and we let the photos reveal themselves as we created them.  I had a lot of fun!!  I’ve been taking photos professionally for 15 years now, and it’s always nerve wracking and exciting when I’m asked to create something from scratch.

“Find joy in the space between Order and Chaos” – this is a quote from Amy’s website,  and it’s a great way to describe her style.  I waited a little while to get an appointment with her, and she was SOOO worth the wait.  It was really exciting to return the favour and create some interesting headshots for her!

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