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SO MANY SMILES! If you are engaged in Edmonton, you need to decide what look you want for your photos – do you want winter engagement photos? Spring photos? Or do you want to wait for the one week of fall where the leaves look amazing?  Claire and Tam opted for spring engagement photos in preparation for their summer wedding.  These two are one of the most affectionate, happy couples I’ve ever photographed…their smiles are absolutely infectious, and they are very very very in love.  The style they chose for their engagement photos is perfect!  Matching styles doesn’t mean wearing identical clothes.  The detail of Claire’s shirt is just beautiful, and I’m legit jealous how good these two look in white. I’m not allowed to wear white – mostly because I spill on myself, but also because it washes me right out.  The little pop of colour in Claire’s nails is exactly perfect (and also my favourite colour).

I remember my first meeting with these two – we ended up spending longer than usual chatting, which is often a great indication that we’re a good fit, especially if the conversation wanders to topics that aren’t wedding-related!  I always counsel people who are engaged in Edmonton and meeting wedding photographers that there are a few factors that are particularly important in choosing a photographer.

  1. Personality. I’m going to be with you the WHOLE day! And I need you to trust me. To let your guard down with me. To laugh with me!  Personality fit is key. It’s not a photo shoot – it’s your wedding, and it should be fun!
  2. Experience.  Not everything goes according to plan on a wedding day, and having a photographer that can deal with changes on the fly, changing lighting situations, family dynamics, and every possible scenario to ensure you get the absolute best photos is key.
  3. Customer Service. This doesn’t just mean offering you something to drink when you come to my studio. It’s being able to say that I go over and above to make sure that every detail is professional and organized, especially including backing up your photos. I literally carry a 4TB harddrive around with me in my purse everywhere. EVERYWHERE.  I’m overly careful, but I’ve never lost a single photo <knocks on wood>.  As much as I love taking photos (and I do!!) I also love caring for each aspect of my business to ensure that my clients have a seamless and stress-free experience with me.

Enough about me..let’s look at some cute photos of a gorgeous couple in love!

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