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I’ve had the pleasure of working with a wide variety of different professions.  I’ve photographed lawyer headshots in Edmonton,  engineers, realtors, administrators… A lot of jobs these days require a headshot.  It may be a shoot that you book yourself, or one arranged by your office.  You might need a headshot at the last minute, or you may have started a new job.  Whatever the reason may be, I’m happy to help!  Check out a few different headshots below.  

Here’s an interesting question – can you tell which of these were photographed at my home studio, and which were photographed on-location in an office? Being able to replicate a headshot is great for a company or organization that adds staff members slowly over time.

studio headshots
edmonton realtor headshot
lawyer headshots edmonton
witten law
schmidt realty edmonton
lawyer headshots edmonton
edmonton realtor
executive board headshot
headshot photographer
black and white headshot
edmonton photographer

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