Jessica | Artistic Headshots

Jessica’s entire set of artistic headshots took 5 minutes to shoot.  We had decided to meet at the U of A, but I didn’t actually know where I was going to photograph her.  I didn’t know where the best light would be, what she was going to wear, and what her photos were going to look like.  I’ve used this sculpture once or twice before, but the last time was probably 8 years ago. I didn’t even know if it was still there!  A few other considerations – I didn’t know how tall Jessica was going to be in comparison to the opening of the sculpture, and how much of her would be visible.

The moral of the story…don’t be afraid to think outside of (or inside in this case) the box.  As soon as she stood in there and I saw the light on her face, I knew it was going to be fantastic.  Luckily, she trusted me to just let my creativity take over! She only wanted a handful of images from this session and I love what we came up with together.  I don’t always scout, but sometimes I do.  I don’t always plan ahead of time, but sometimes I do.  Art is very subjective, and it’s ultimately up to my client to decide if the photos I create showcase their personal brand.  I’m so lucky to work with unique individuals like Jessica who like things to be just a little weird and different.

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