Leah & Ashley | Edmonton realtor branding headshots

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Leah and Ashley are two local Edmonton realtors with Century 21, and friends who love working together!  They love Edmonton (in fact – Leah just celebrated her first Canada Day as a Canadian citizen!).  Their Edmonton realtor headshot branding session had the goal of showcasing our beautiful city, a working partnership, a friendship, and the easy-going personalities of two vibrant women.

Branding sessions are more than just a headshot – these sessions can provide social media content, and give variety to the images used in your marketing materials.  A cohesive look between the locations, their clothing, and the vibe of their branding session offers these realtors the ability to use the images for joint ventures and their own personal brands. I’m born and raised in Edmonton and I love being able so show off my beautiful city!  We chose to focus on the city as a whole since Ashley and Leah work in all areas of Edmonton.

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