Michelle Moen | Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

Michelle Moen is an Edmonton personal trainer and nutritionist.  Rather than focusing on either exercise or nutrition, Michelle takes a balanced approach with her clients. Especially now, we are all under so much stress, and this can have a huge impact on our health and our bodies. Many people struggle to stay active, and mindless snacking at home can lead to poor nutrition.  Michelle offers guidance and training in a lot of different areas that can help.  We met up at the gym she trains out of (Evolve Strength North) so that we could create some dynamic images for her personal branding.  I love how the images look on her website!
personal trainer nutritionist
personal trainer nutritionist
personal trainer branding session
personal trainer
Michelle Moen personal trainer
Michelle Moen personal training
personal trainer headshots
covid safe gym
Michelle Moen trainer
personal trainer nutritionist

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