Murphyz Lawz | Motivational Speaker

I could listen to Barry Murphy talk all day long, but it’s not just because of his accent. Barry is a motivational speaker, and his positive and warm attitude is infectious.  I’ve known Barry and his adorable family personally for several years. More recently I got to hear him speak in a different capacity…he was the MC for Laura & Kelly’s wedding!

Based in Edmonton, Barry has clients all over the world. He works with individuals and businesses to help people create the future that they want.  Want to know more about Barry as a motivational speaker and coach?  His Facebook Page has lots of videos and info. He’s straightforward, down to earth, and full of joy!  We broke Barry’s branding session into two segments – one this winter, and we’re going to do another in the spring when there are leaves on the trees.  Variety is the spice of life, and splitting up your session can maximize the different looks you can have from your session.  Enjoy these images from his Oliver Exchange building session!


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