Sharen & Jesse | Picnic Engagement Photos

These picnic engagement photos are very special to me for a reason you might not guess!  Sharen is a teacher at the school my kids attend, and taught my son!  I was pretty proud to let him know that his teacher had picked me to do some photos, and he thought it was pretty cool too.  Especially as my kids grow into teens, it’ll be harder for me to impress them with things. It was neat to have my son be excited about this. I teach them a lot about what owning my own business means, and that even when I’m sitting at my computer watching Netflix I’m still working. Seeing photos of someone he knew on my screen may have linked things together for him a little bit!

We enjoyed a casual coffee together at Square One while I shot a few images – I like to go for what I call ‘curated candid’ images. I want to shoot things as they happen, but sometimes I’ll move things just slightly, or suggest and angle, or slightly better lighting. That way I can get the best images possible that still look natural. I try to be as picky as possible, but still ensure that everyone is and having fun!

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